Peppermint Sea Salt Bar with Essential Oil and Goat Milk

Pure peppermint essential oil sea salt bar! This fantastic bar will feel great on your body and feet! Use gently on your face because the salt can scratch until it melts to smooth. You may think that this bar would be exfoliating, but the salt melts as you use it, so the soap becomes smooth like a river rock. It lathers more slowly initially due to the high salt content, but once you get it going, it provides a smooth creamy cleansing lather unlike regular bars. The salt is so good for your skin. Friends with psoriasis and eczema love this soap.


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This pure essential oil sea salt bar will bring some uplifting ZIP and ZING to your shower and a chill feel to your skin. Salt bars make a smooth creamy lather that invigorates and leaves a super clean feel. The benefits of a salt bar over a plain soap bar has been has been explained on the Salt Bar page. Folks with acne, psoriasis, insect bites, and foot odor love this soap and I guarantee that you will too even if your skin is perfect.

About Sea Salt Bars


Salt rubs have been used for centuries for cleansing and revitalizing dry skin. Many believe salt bars to be drying and abrasive, but they are not. A fresh bar can be scratchy, but as it wears down it becomes smooth and polishes your skin more than it exfoliates. This unique natural soap contains 50% salts, moisturizing Shea butter and avocado oil which deeply moisturizes for silky smooth skin with a healthy glow.

The nourishing Minerals found in mineral-rich sea salt, such as zinc, Calcium, potassium and iodine can help to relieve dry and itchy skin as well as serious conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Sea salt naturally opens up the pores, improves circulation in the skin and hydrates the tissues so that your skin can heal and become healthy. The generous amount of salt makes getting lather started a bit tougher, but you will get a wonderful creamy silky lather once your bar gets going.  After a few uses in the shower it will lather better and be fine for a hand soap as well. These salt bars also contain oatmeal for added protection for your skin.

I use this salt bar directly on my face, a couple times a week. There is a wee bit of a sting from the salt, but the result is smooth, silky skin. While it may not bubble like the rest of our bars, being over 50% Sea Salt, your skin will feel like you’ve just had a stimulating body treatment at the spa!


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