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CHARCOAL BAR (Patchouli)

Charcoal my friends… lots of charcoal. PATCHOULI AT IT’S BEST! ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! Beauty and functionality!


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Because you love charcoal & Patchouli! Your new favorite bar is fragranced with 100% Patchouli essential oil and packed with charcoal! I can’t tell you how many people still call Patchouli their signature scent. You either love it or hate it, but here at Hi-Ya-Pop, we love it! Beauty AND functionality! YESSS!

The best soaping oils are blended with goat milk to bring to you the highest quality soap with unbeatable amounts of lather, bubbles and conditioning. This well tested, magical formula is the base formula for all my soap. Oils include: palm, coconut, castor, olive, avocado oils and shea butter.


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