Beer Soap Made with Beer

Crazy fun-loving friends, Beer is a unique fragrance that smells surprisingly good when you use it. It really smells like a Miller on a Saturday night! This soap makes an incredible and unexpected gift! The beer makes for fantastic lather and adds amino acids to your bar which are said to reduce redness and irritation. Most people just think it’s dang fun!


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Soapy fiends, I love to make Beer Soap. The sugar in the beer makes a lovely lather and beer is supposed to add some benefits such as lessening redness and adding moisturizing properties to the soap. This fragrance is pretty darn true! It smells like a bar on Saturday Night! We have included oats and clay for their protect-ant and smoothing properties!

Beer soaping oils are: Coconut, avocado, castor, palm, shea butter and olive oil.