Nag Champa Goat Milk Soap

Nag Champa is the incense that folks used to burn when they were indulging in some wacky tobaccy! I still burn some Nag Champa! This soap smells just like it! Great for our happy hippy friends!


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Remember when we used to burn incense when we were teenagers? Nag Champa was the incense of choice. Nag Champa is described as a warm blend of patchouli, sandalwood and Dragon’s Blood.

Always added are colloidal oatmeal and bentonite clay for skin protective properties and slip, making this soap good for washing and shaving.

The best soaping oils are blended with goat milk to bring to you the highest quality soap with unbeatable amounts of lather, bubbles and conditioning. This well tested, magical formula is the base formula for all of our soap. Oils include: palm, coconut, castor, olive, avocado oils and shea butter.