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Jewelweed Soap (Used by people with Poison Ivy)

Your suffering is our main concern! We have created our most potent Jewelweed soap ever! Jewelweed, calendula and plantain have been infused into this mighty bar of soap! Even the essential oil blend was chosen with relief in mind! You may wash with this soap, but most important is after your regular shower, while still damp, apply this soap to the affected area by making a paste. Allow it to dry. Reapply as often as you wish to help dry out the poison ivy. Just make a paste with a drop of water and a piece of the soap. I take a small cut with me!


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Wash the affected area with the soap, rinse. Reapply to damp skin and leave the lather on your skin and let it dry for long-lasting relief. Reapply to the affected area by making a paste as often as needed.


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