Deodorant JASMINE CANNABIS (There is no CBD or THC in this deodorant.)

This fragrance has calming notes of cannabis, blooming jasmine, and vanilla. DOES NOT CONTAIN THC OR CBD. 3.15 ounces of deodorant! We are just having fun now! Use this deodorant sparingly! Start with less and add more if needed. This is a beeswax based product that will soften in the heat. Keep it in the refrigerator in the summer to prevent gooey globs under your arms! Ha!

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Important note: If you are use to using every day commercial deodorant please give your body’s natural oils and ph time to return to it’s healthy state. Harmful deodorants especially “antiperspirants” block toxins in your body. It can take a bit of time for your body to purge and to get use to the natural deodorant. It will be worth it! Some people have sensitivity to baking soda, especially after shaving. If so, discontinue use.


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